LEBANON, MO – Innovation leader Dowco, positioned to unveil new products and innovations at the IBEX show Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Tampa. (Booth 1933)

Dowco has taken the time to listen to the users of their products, and set out to resolve two of their everyday frustrations – snaps and support poles. With the intention of revolutionizing the boat cover, Dowco launched the Pontoon Rail-Lok™ and Gunnel-Lok™, a new technology that takes the hassle out of working with snap-on covers, this custom-fit cover system features unique durable co-polymer fasteners engineered to lock into the fence extrusion on pontoons or the receiver slot under the fish boat gunnel.  The patent-pending fasteners are engineered to lock and unlock with a simple squeeze. Spaced strategically around the edges of the cover, the fasteners deliver a tight and secure locked-in cover eliminating hard to use rail and gunnel snaps and trailering straps.

A separate but equally unique innovation is the patent pending Cover-Lift™ system that eliminates cover support poles for boats with walk-through windshields.  No more crawling under a cover to prop up poles that usually fall when trailering and increases the risk of damage. Cover-Lift is a system of built-in support straps and heavy-duty rope ratchets that are sewn into the underside of the cover. Once the cover is securely fastened to the boat gunnel and bow plate simply pull on the rope ratchet to create tension on the straps underneath. The woven straps rise up creating the desired tented effect to provide support for the cover and ensure that water runs off and does not pool. The system is designed to be used for both storage and towing.

With continued focus on innovation, Dowco will be introducing a Hybrid Pontoon Bimini Tower at IBEX. Designed and styled after wakeboard towers for on-trend sun protection, expandable shade options for sides, front and rear can be added.  The tower features a strong, lightweight welded tower with quick-release mounts making deployment or stowing simple.

Hardware will be the final feature of Dowco’s offering at IBEX. Focused on the most pivotal piece in the line, DowcoLok patented quick-release hardware. This is Dowco’s exclusive system for mounting bimini frames to the boat, resulting in a smooth operation of the entire top. Available in 316 stainless steel or anodized aluminum, the unique deck hinge design has 360 degrees of rotation and mounts to a low profile button mounted to the gunnel or pontoon fence. The system features multi-axis rotation allowing bimini tops to be installed in unlimited locations on most boats. The installed top is guaranteed to be rattle-free, sturdy and easy to operate.