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Dowco Marine’s Pro Staff Program is looking for anglers, fishing/boating enthusiasts, and social media influencers to elevate the Dowco Marine brand. If you are a tournament angler, fishing guide, boating enthusiasts, or industry or community influencer that is interested in partnering with Dowco Marine and growing together, engage us and fill out the form below. We’re anxious to learn more about you and what you do best. What are you waiting for? Reach out and let’s connect!

We want your help as we expand our network that authentically shows how Dowco Marine products fit into consumer lives.

100 Years

Dowco was founded in 1922 in Manitowoc, WI. Our headquarters is still in Manitowoc and we have grown to include several facilities across the US.

Our hardware is found on nearly every major marine brand from pontoons, to pleasure boats, to fishing & bass boats.

We are affiliated with the most popular boat brands on the planet. Our innovative products are crucial elements of what drives the marine industry forward.

In our industry it is often “who you know.” We believe our values have led to our success. Partner with us for valuable exposure to our followers and customers.

Pro Staff Benefits

100 Years

Free trial of Dowco Marine products

Free Dowco Marine swag pack, including T-shirts, hats, stickers, boat and carpet decals, etc.

Opportunity to apply for sponsorship when representing Dowco in tournaments

Sponsorship opportunities (including product giveaways or discounts) for Facebook groups or fishing community activities that you are managing

Annual Mystery Gift Box $500 Value

We’ll help cross promote you, through our social media efforts! …And More!!


For decades Dowco Marine has been the leader in innovative marine hardware and boat covers. We believe that by combining our powers that we can leverage your creativity, trust, personal connection, community, so we can produce compelling content that grabs our customers’ attention.
We have many innovative new products on the market and in development and we are looking to build a network of talented professionals to help us execute our growing visions.

What We Need from Pro Staff:

> Established social following, with a plan to grow your own brand and influencer network

> Use some of Dowco Marine’s products and have at minimum basic knowledge about fishing, boating, pontooning, etc.

> Active participation in fishing community or in tournament fishing

> Solid posting history, of valuable social posts or blogs, industry affiliation, etc.

> Maintain a positive, respectable appearance and vibe

Motivation to be part of the Dowco Marine Team and would enjoy growing with us


Pro Staff Work and Expectations:

1) At least 4 different posts about fishing with Dowco products per month on social media, the more the better! Posts should be well written, in your personal timeline and posted within fishing groups, with hashtag #DowcoMarineProStaff and tag the @DowcoMarine page and make it public. These posts should be spread out, throughout the month.

2) Share your using experience with Dowco product attached with photos or a video as an objective product review

3) Represent Dowco Marine when attending tournaments or boating/fishing shows or events. The Dowco logo needs to be on your apparel. We will also provide you some fishing apparel as a Pro Staff benefit

4) Participate with active feedback, on new product ideas, or review of potential new products.



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