MANITOWOC, WI, February 2, 2015 – Crestliner® Boats is dedicated to equipping their boats with the industry’s most innovative products and continue that trend by adding Dowco’s patent pending innovation, CoverLift™. The CoverLift system is now available as a factory option on select Crestliner boats. Integrating the CoverLift system into the boat cover provides a substantial time saving for manufactures, dealers and users.

The new patent pending CoverLift™ system eliminates cover support poles for boats with walk-through windshields.  No more crawling under a cover to prop up poles that usually fall when trailering and increases the risk of damage. CoverLift is a system of built-in support straps and heavy-duty rope ratchets that are integrated into the underside of the cover. Once the cover is securely fastened to the boat gunnel and bow plate simply pull on the rope ratchet to create tension on the straps underneath. The woven straps rise up, creating the optimal tented shape to provide support for the cover and ensure that water runs off and does not pool. The system is designed to be used for both storage and towing.

For more information, please visit: or contact your local Crestliner dealer.